The world will never take my heart

Today I felt hope again.

I was standing in the tube observing a girl who was sitting down. She was dressed in a tank top, had tattoos all over, had dark hair, and appeared at first to be off-putting. I read one tattoo on her arm, and it said, “The world will never take my heart.” Today was a sassy day for me, because I started examining how when she dies, the world will actually take her heart. Oh the irony, I thought, because the world would take that tattoo and her heart eventually.

Luckily I was not too sassy to think of religious or moral connotations of the phrase. We are told to be in the world, but not of the world. This tattoo took on a very strong personal mantra feeling. It was a statement of belief and a proclamation to the world that she would never give up her heart to it. This could mean that she would never give up on love, or charity, or religion, or goodness, or righteousness, or anything else in her heart.

I looked at her longer and found that she was smiling. Independent of anyone else, she was smiling. She was also the only person smiling that I could see who was not talking with someone else (and believe you me, talking to someone else on the tube in London means you’re already tight with them, generally). I wondered if my second postulation was more correct than my sassy first one. And then my hypothesis was confirmed . . . for me at least.

A family boarded the already full tube and squished around to try to make room and get everyone inside. As we packed in further, this girl stood up, tapped a woman on the shoulder and invited her to sit down. The woman was older and was holding a small child. The woman thanked her multiple times, and the girl continued to smile. The world did not have that girl’s heart.

I have hope again. I was despairing today about my own life, but this girl gave me hope to never give up the fight, and to never give the world my heart. The world to me is a place of hate and despair. It’s a place of failure, loss, and it’s a place of sin. I have hope again to take up this girl’s creed: the world will never take my heart. I hope that I will immediately stand to let others take my seat. I hope to smile, even when no one is talking to me. I hope to bring hope to others who might be sitting on a tube train and having a sassy day while they look at me and wonder at what my life is all about. Most importantly, I will have hope in others and myself.

London is a beautiful place.

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