The sheets still smell nice. That’s really good. Percy stayed inside today . . . he woke up late. After some brief orientation, we traveled around London and visited the tube station briefly to pick up the Oyster cards!

It's backwards, but it'll get me on the tubes.

It’s backwards, but it’s there.

The oyster cards are passes for the tubes that can be used on a monthly, weekly, or probably yearly basis. This one is the temporary one that will be good for this week. We’ll get month-long passes soon. Maybe even with our pictures on it. The cards come in their own cool cases covered with exhortations to keep the card so that it can be reused–and reduce the amount of trash.

Trash. That’s one thing I’ve noticed that’s particularly different from America is the amount of trash, recycle, and other bins. There are recycle bins at nearly every trash bin place. Except, the trash bins are labeled “rubbish” or “litter.” Regardless, I am proud to be in a place where the general public recycles. It’s a good thing.

There are specific bins for cigarette butts that look like all the other bins–well coordinated. Even so, there’s a lot of trash on the ground. Someone dropped a napkin today, saw that he had dropped it, and kept walking. I can’t pick up all this trash. I can’t do it. Plus it’s gross. This trash is really gross.

Besides the trash and the oyster card, I did a little exploring/touring of Hyde Park with two other girls in the group. We visited the Italian Gardens section. There are geese and swans and ducks and seagulls and pigeons there. It felt like a trip to the duck pond/river back home. We saw the illustrious Hugging Bears Fountain. I also found that hiding in Hyde Park was quite enjoyable. I recommend it to anyone passing by.

Back to home where I found out that it will take me about an hour to get to church tomorrow, and the services start at 9 a.m. I’m hoping that everything goes well with that adventure. Note to self: wear shoes that won’t hurt your feet. London day 2 seems to be a pretty good day.

Percy is hoping for a better day tomorrow; we’ll see how it goes.

From London with love.

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